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Giving back

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It started when I was a teenager — my involvement in charities that is – and my passion and commitment to giving has continued to grow over the years. Once I became a mom, I joined forces with my friend Savannah to start a charity called  The Diaper Bank. Throughout the year, we collect open and new packages of diapers and monetary donations to support agencies throughout the city.  

Becoming involved with a charity is a personal choice. For me, my passion, ability to make a local, immediate impact, and the connection I feel to the cause itself, are the driving forces in selecting which charities I choose to support.  Giving back to your community and those in need feels good and sets a positive example for your friends, colleagues and family to follow. 

In business, corporate social responsibility continues to mature and innovate as organizations become more transparent. Savvy employees and consumers want to support businesses that protect the environment, celebrate diversity, or enhance their community. At Felicity, the foundation of our company, and our very name, means “to do good, to cause great happiness”. Charitable giving is one way to achieve and share this joy.

But, with more than 17,000 Canadian charities from which to choose, how does one go about deciding where to allocate their time or donation dollars? 

Here are a few important points to consider:

Ensure the charity is registered and accredited

This means they can provide an official donation receipt for tax purposes.

You can find this information at {}.

Volunteer at the organization

If you volunteer with the charity you will know first-hand how they operate and catch a glimpse of where the funds will be going 


Take the time to investigate the charities; their size, programs, how they spend their money, the story of their inception, how many people they serve etc.


Find out the best way to support the charity – mailing a cheque, paying online, purchasing an item they really need or by attending an event.

Encouraging others

Consider rallying others to help support something you believe in by hosting a drive, setting up an online donation page, or telling people about the organizations you support and encourage them to join in  the cause.

Giving is giving

One thing I have learned is that there is a way for everyone to share an act of kindness —  it doesn’t matter how big or small, giving is giving. At Felicity, we’re about achieving healthy work-life integration. I believe this includes giving back to the community. Working within this environment enables me to do just that. 

The clock is ticking and December 31st is not far away. How will you spread cheer this year? Will you volunteer your time, gather up winter clothes for donation, pay for someone’s hot chocolate, buy books for children in need, prepare a care package for someone in the hospital, drop coins in a parking meter about to expire, give a compliment to a stranger, donate blood, invest financially in someone’s passion, or just take the time to really listen to a friend?  May you enjoy the holidays by taking time for yourself, your family, and your friends, and may you add to that joy by giving to others.

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