Getting high at the 6th annual Felicity Urban Retreat

The 6th annual Felicity Urban Retreat, took place on October 31, in the heart of Evergreen Brick Works.

We began the day with a discussion of the Felicity business, including our Content Studios division. We then explored opportunities to propel the value we offer to our clients even further.

A big congratulations to account lead Shari Cogan, who was awarded the Felicity Big Picture Award for exemplifying what our company is all about. Shari always goes above and beyond to

  1. Make Felicity a place Associates love to work.
  2. Demonstrates “best business partner” practices for our clients
  3. Contributes to our whole person culture
  4. Exemplifies transparency, simplicity, big picture thinking and an eye to growth

Our client Outward Bound Canada then led us to venture outdoors and outside of our comfort zones. It was great to experience first-hand their core philosophy, “There’s more in you than you think.”

The damp weather didn’t dampen our spirits. In fact, it fuelled the fun, and our determination to scale the 65ft Outward Bound Canada Challenge Tower!

We left the day on a high, feeling refreshed and excited about what is to come for Felicity, our partners and our clients, in 2019 and beyond.

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