Felicity’s Weekly Reads #2: Movers & Shakers In Social Media

This week we noticed a lot of chatter around some of social media’s biggest players. With Hootsuite celebrating an exciting acquisition, Google announcing new features and yet another report that Facebook is headed toward decline, there are a lot of developments to keep up on. We’ve also included a few secrets from some of the biggest celebrities in social media.

Hootsuite Acquires Social Analytics Company, UberVU
Canadian based Hootsuite is celebrating this week by bringing UberVU into their expanding fold of social media management tools. Hootsuite is already known as an industry leader in helping community managers oversee multiple portfolios/platforms; this acquisition will help elevate their analytics offering, which to date has been one of the least innovative aspects of their services. Should be interesting to see how UberVU’s technology is woven into future Hootsuite dashboard updates.
[The Globe & Mail]

Find Out More Before You Click
Google has made a major update to the display of search results for prominent companies and brands by providing more information before you click. Using their proprietary Knowledge Graph, Google is sharing a short snippet of information pulled from various sources next to the usual search result description. Potentially beneficial for the user, but not so easy for the marketer to influence how your company or brand is positioned.

Further Reports That Facebook is Doomed
Every year it seems like there is another report about how shaky things are for Facebook. Advertisers are fleeing, teenagers are over it, the end is nigh…or is it? This latest report equates Facebook to an “infectious disease” with comparisons made to the late (at one time great) era of Myspace. Whether the speculation ends up being true remains to be seen, but it’s important to weigh the validity of such proclamations carefully.

How Do You Become A Social Media Superstar?
If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a social media celebrity, here are a few tricks of the trade from folks who’ve made a name for themselves by building a community around their personal brand. They may make it look easy, but as you’ll see…reaching social media superstardom isn’t as simple as it seems.

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