Felicity’s Weekly Reads #1: Winning, Losing & Scrambling

Starting this week, we’ll be sharing some of the top stories that caught our attention – from headlines to bottom lines and everything in between. This week we’re looking at brands and companies who have started the year off strong…or not. Between social media networks duking it out for consumer attention to the proposed ‘problem’ of a classic scent/taste, across each story we see applicable lessons for all of us.

What’s The Problem With Vanilla?
It flavours many dessert recipes, smells great in candle form and is an immediately identifiable taste and scent many people associate with distinct memories or specific circumstances. But what about the “bland” connotation that comes with the word “vanilla”? Is this a PR problem or are people savvy enough to see the difference between being vanilla or enjoying the taste or smell of this ubiquitous plant? [DailyLife]

Putting Your Trust in The Google/Nest Acquisition
The implications of Google’s $3.2 million acquisition of startup sweetheart Nest are big – huge, even. But in no way more than how Google has effectively inserted itself into the homes of Nest users physically, not just digitally. Whether the two companies will remain separate – as Google has said they will – remains to be seen. But for now, we should be questioning what it means for the technology behemoth to have such integral access to our homes (along with all of the data that comes with it). [Wired]

Lululemon’s Next Move
2013 was a tough year for an iconic Canadian brand. Product issues, media fumbles and waning customer loyalty meant they closed the year with negative sales numbers. With plans for new leadership by this summer and several public statements regarding how seriously they are taking the ongoing product issues, 2014 should be an interesting year to see if the company can get back on it’s feet. [Ad Age]

Social Media Guidelines for NYC Kids
Many people are applauding New York’s efforts to increase social media literacy and awareness. However, the Huffington Post’s Rebecca Levey isn’t so sure this is such a bold move. Putting aside concerns that the guide is ‘clichéd’ or not as useful as it could be, this is without a doubt a key step forward. Hopefully the media literacy bill currently in front of the New York State legislature will solidify more practical learning solutions for the kids of today and future generations. Perhaps we’ll see similar movements across Canada in the coming years?
[Huffington Post]

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