Facebook Malware, Google Security, Ambient Phone Charging and Shopper Decoys

Have you ever wanted to see what the Facebook brand would look like…in pink? How about orange? There’s an app for that, but it will cost you more than just your list of friends. With concerns about online security increasing amongst consumers and corporations alike, it’s no wonder that Google will soon start prioritizing sites that have taken extra security measures. No doubt there will be concerns aplenty about how to keep new ambient phone charging solutions as secure as the open wifi networks we all clamor for. But it’s not just our online impulses that make us vulnerable- have you ever noticed yourself falling for an in-store marketing trick you know has been orchestrated on purpose?

Facebook Colour-Change Malware
Don’t be fooled by an app that innocently asks if you would like to change the colour of Facebook. We know, it’s tempting to see the brand in anything but that now iconic blue – but behind this playful façade is malware fooling thousands of people into giving up access to their accounts and computers.
[Digital Spy]

Ubiquitous Over-The-Air Charging
Imagine never having to worry about your phone’s battery life. uBeam is aiming to bring ambient phone charging to the masses through ultrasound technology. Pretty soon worries about draining your battery by over-pinning or snap-chatting too long will be a thing of the past.
[Fast Company]

In-Store Marketing Tricks
As marketers, we’re not afraid to admit that when we see a sale in-store…we’re often just as thrilled about it as the next guy. But what are the main tactics used to capture our attention and get us to pull out our wallets? A popular Reddit thread holds many of the answers to how we are guided to make certain purchase decisions.
[Ad Week]

Google To Prioritize Security
Have you ever noticed the ‘s’ in some website URLs after ‘http’? This denotes extra data encryption measures taken to keep a site secure. This step has long been critical for e-commerce websites but not required for most brands – until now, with Google’s announcement that security could play a factor in your search ranking.

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