What you can learn from the cannabis industry

What you can learn from the cannabis industry

Cannabis sales doubled in 2020 and are forecasted to grow another 60 percent by the end of 2021. Whether you’re in the industry, are a consumer or have nothing to do with weed at all, it’s undeniably a wellness sector to watch. But what can non-cannabis wellbeing marketers learn from high times brands? We dig into the celebrity trends, branding and packaging ideas and an insightful interview with Shauna Levy of the new cannabis brand MADGE AND MERCER.




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The A-list weed-preneurs cashing in on cannabis

As the stigma around cannabis use decreases, particularly in countries like Canada where it’s legal, celebrities are lining up to share their favourite strains with the world. Justin Bieber is the latest to launch his bud brand Peaches, named after his hit song. Bieber cites cannabis being beneficial for mental health as his reason for launching his brand.

The takeaway: Not only is cannabis no longer just for stoners, it has become a widely accepted and successful wellness product. No matter your industry, wellbeing brands should look to cannabis to drive branding and marketing trends in the wellbeing space because even with regulatory restrictions the sector is seeing unparalleled growth.



Packaging and health warnings are key in discouraging youths from using cannabis

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A study from the University of Waterloo found that less attractive packaging makes cannabis less attractive to youth. In short, health warnings work.

The takeawayWe all know how effective branding can be, so it’s not a huge surprise that a lack of branding along with unattractive warnings makes products less appealing. What’s interesting is that these products are still quite attractive to adults. It’s an idea worth contemplating for wellbeing marketers: are there audiences you don’t want to attract? What’s the best way to share health information while creating a beautifully-branded product?




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This month, we spoke with Shauna Levy, founder and CEO of MADGE AND MERCER, a cannabis brand designed exclusively for women, specifically women over 40. The co-founder of the Interior Design Show (IDS), founder of Expo for Design Innovation & Technology (EDIT), and the former President and CEO of Design Exchange (DX) in Toronto, Levy is no stranger to running major brands and organizations, but she says that cannabis comes with its own distinct set of challenges.

Read about the struggles that inspired Levy’s interest in cannabis, the trends in marketing to women over 40 and what every wellbeing marketer needs to know.

“Women have been bombarded with ‘better-self’ campaigns for several decades now, and so products and their ingredients have to be functional, hardworking and not superfluous or gimmicky.”



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