Brand Storytelling, Passenger Shaming, Name Policies and Creepy Facebook Ads

As one of the more popular content marketing themes of recent years, it’s surprising to read a headline about brand storytelling going out of style – but is that really the message this journalist is getting at? If you’ve ever encountered a rude airline passenger you’re in luck. A new website aimed at passenger shaming might be just the ticket. Over at Facebook, the company is reacting to ongoing pressure to make their name policies more inclusive of drag queens. Finally, what one man accomplished through a calculated (and extremely targeted) social ad campaign is impressive – albeit, creepy.

Is Brand Storytelling Really Enough?
It’s not enough to just tell a story – brands need to make the story to tell. This is the message from one journalist who aims to push marketers farther, beyond storytelling as a tactic. Instead, he says, let’s start thinking a bit deeper about the moments, the concepts, and the relationships with our customers that matter most.

Passenger Shaming Airline Offenders
Guy next to you taking off his shoes on the plane? Woman behind you kicking your seat back? Never fear – you can call out and their inappropriate ways online by “passenger shaming.”
[Yahoo Travel]

LGBT Community Stands Up To Facebook’s Name Policy
Facebook has always insisted on a strict policy of using one’s legal name to sign up for an account. This policy appears to have recently become even more strictly enforced. The LGBT community, however, is fighting back to change this, with mounting support from all sides to make it possible for drag queens to choose how they identify themselves.

Creeping Your Friend Through Facebook Ads
Want to weird out a friend or family member? The crafty gentleman in this post walks through his detailed plan to mess with his roommate through extremely targeted Facebook ads. Although a few timely coincidences work in his favour, the strategic approach is as impressive as his roommate’s reaction, which is at once hilarious.

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