Beastie Boys Justice, Social Media Prenups, Smart Homes and Small Business Pins

It’s always interesting to see how copyright legislation comes to life in the courtroom. The Beastie Boys won their second lawsuit this year, this time against Monster Beverage. The band isn’t the only one out there feeling the need to file suit – some couples are opting to sign agreed-upon social media terms before they say ‘I do’. Following Apple’s big announcements at WWDC 2014, folks are wondering whether they will win the race against Google to thoroughly connect your home. Finally, Pinterest is playing catch up in their efforts to attract the budgets of small business advertisers – but will it be enough for them or is it too late?

Beastie Boys Win Again
Another Beastie Boys song, another legal battle. Earlier this year, the band settled their suit with GoldieBlox by making a $1.2 million dollar donation to charity. Their latest courtroom win against Monster Beverage will mean more millions – this time for their own pockets. But is the crime worth the penalty? Several nuances to the case make you wonder just how much the company’s mistake is worth.
[Rolling Stone]

Social Media Prenups
Love today includes many decisions – including what the cost should be if your future spouse decides to post an unflattering photo of you online. With more and more instances of ex-lovers taking to the internet when the romance fades, it’s no wonder that some are taking matters into their own hands to make sure the ramifications of such behavior are clear from the start.

Google vs. Apple Smart Homes
Two of the most pervasive brands in the world are locked in a battle you may not know exists – how to take control of your home. As ominous as this may sound, it actually could prove to have many benefits for tech-savvy early adopters who enjoy automation and prefer to stay within a single technology eco-system. With each company ramping up their offering, it will be interesting to see who wins the ‘Internet of Things’ race.

Pinterest Woos Small Businesses
With more than 15 billion pins shared in the last six months, it’s no wonder that Pinterest is trying to figure out the best way to monetize the site. After a test with several large brands earlier this year, Promoted Pins are finally ready for small businesses to try out. Now we will need to see if – or rather, how – this changes the Pinterest community.

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