Learning to love your lurkers

I consider myself a digital native. I was fortunate to grow up with a laptop for learning.   I know computers. I’m comfortable on the internet. While I have mixed feelings about posting family photos on Facebook, overall, I embrace that this is the ‘go-to’ for sharing...

Beyond Affiliate Links: The Power of Pinterest

Last week Pinterest announced they would be cutting off the use of affiliate links, a traceable way ‘pinners’ could share for retailers and then earn commission on the resulting traffic or sales. This has drawn the ire of many prominent beauty and fashion...

Personal Alignment: What’s Yours?

Back in February, as I was teaching, consulting and preparing to take on a big new role as a mother, one of the organizers of TedXGrandRapids reached out to ask if I would be interested in sharing my story at their 2014 event. I quickly counted the weeks to see how...

Is wellbeing washed up?

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How can I take my brand’s wellbeing story from languishing to flourishing?

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