Will you Brave the Wilderness this Summer?

I was recently introduced to the work of social scientist Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW, her incredibly popular TEDTalk and her latest book “Braving the Wilderness”. In considering her work, I saw her approach informing the conversations and interactions I am having with my...

The Giving Season

Photo credit It started when I was a teenager — my involvement in charities that is – and my passion and commitment to giving has continued to grow over the years. Once I became a mom, I joined forces with my friend Savannah to start a charity called  The...

Helping Families In Need One Diaper at a Time

At Felicity, we’re fortunate to have a team that exudes passion and enthusiasm in a number of different ways and for a wide range of different reasons. In honour of Giving Tuesday, we’re joining the movement to give, instead of just “gift”,...

Is wellbeing washed up?

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How can I take my brand’s wellbeing story from languishing to flourishing?

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