Are you taking advantage of your consumers?

Are you taking advantage of your consumers?

We say this a lot: as wellbeing marketers, we have a responsibility to run successful businesses while taking care of our consumers—and simply selling wellbeing products isn’t enough. As you’ll find in this issue, wellbeing brands need to step up to protect consumers’ digital wellbeing, to learn how to connect with audiences online and to question any practices that make money but add no value to the consumer experience. If you’re making money at your consumers’ expense, you will eventually lose that connection and the consumer.




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It’s on Digital Platforms to Make the Internet a Better Place

Image: cottonbro

The days of consumers having to maintain their own digital wellbeing—by fact-checking and vetting sources of information and deciding how much information to share—should be over, according to this editorial.


The takeaway: Whether you run a digital platform or not, consider the key responsibilities suggested in this article when publishing any content to the web.





Emojis and Emotions in 2021

Image: Ann H

Connecting consumers’ use of emojis to their emotions and wellbeing is a fascinating idea. This report outlines trends in emoji use across a number of business sectors and social media platforms.

The takeaway“​Emotions drive consumer behaviour. In fact, consumers who feel emotionally connected to a brand are likely to spend 2x more with them,” reads the Brandwatch report. Brands who understand what their consumers are saying—with pictures and words—are better able to make that connection.


MarketWell Voices

This month, we spoke with Aileen Nandy, Director of Marketing of Climb Credit, which provides financial products and services that help motivated consumers to rebuild their credit. She shares how a major pivot in their positioning helped Climb stand out from sketchy competitors, how detailed consumer profiles led to meaningful progress and how they support their consumers’ wellbeing.

“I think for all of us who are in the wellbeing space, we should look honestly to see if there are areas of the business where we’re making money, but the client isn’t seeing value.”

Read the full interview on the blog.


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