Are you ghosting your consumers?

Are you ghosting your consumers?

In our digital-first society, is it easy for consumers seeking your product or service to find you? And when they do, will they like what they see?

Welcome to this edition of Marketwell, where we’ll zoom in on how ghost kitchens are changing the food delivery industry.

What can we, as wellbeing marketers, learn from this new virtual business trend? A hint: if you’re not showing up online, do you even exist?

We’ll also explore the merits of online entertainment as well as the importance of aligning your brand with your social values.



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Walmart Is Releasing Never-Before-Seen ‘Waffles + Mochi’ Content Online

Image: Walmart

Have you seen the new kids’ show in which Michelle Obama co-stars alongside two very cute puppets, and a variety of inspirational chefs and celebrities? Higher Ground Productions, owned by the Obamas, has partnered with Walmart to bring exclusive content based on the Netflix show that promotes food equity and accessibility to fresh ingredients. As part of this partnership, Walmart has committed to donating $1 million to Partnership for a Healthier America’s Pass The Love campaign.

The takeaway: Partnering with content creators to provide interactive content that’s engaging, good for business and gives to charity equals marketing gold. Doing good while educating the public and selling products? It doesn’t get much better.




Big brands lose edge in 2021 Gustavson Brand Trust Index

The Gustavson Brand Trust Index, an ongoing study by the University of Victoria that investigates consumer trust, announced that consumer trust in previously trusted brands is declining as consumers feel that the values of brands like Amazon, Whole Foods, Air Canada and Tesla Inc. no longer align with their own.

The takeaway: While it might seem scary to state your values (that might not resonate with everyone in your audience), not declaring any values, well, that speaks for itself.



Latest wellbeing trend: Ghost kitchens

Restaurants with no storefront, like online shops, continue to grow, thanks to the pandemic and the rise in food delivery services. There are celebrity-owned ghost kitchens and it’s estimated that virtual restaurants could be a $1 trillion market by 2030. Learn what can we marketers learn from these virtual ventures.



Felicity new client alert!

We’d like to welcome Carolyn Cohen’s Delicious Dish to our Felicity client family. Carolyn’s virtual cooking classes and corporate events are fun and interactive, and we can’t wait to bring her talent to even more people. For a taste of what Carolyn has to offer, subscribe to her newsletter or check her out on Instagram. Apologies in advance if we’ve made your mouth water…


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