At Felicity, it's Brains not Bricks

Our Panoramic approach is fueled by our “Three C’s”:

At Felicity, it's Brains not Bricks

Our team approaches everything we do from idea onwards as insiders to the groups YOU want to reach. Comprised of journalists, digital strategists, event organizers, creative directors, bloggers, media relations experts and other specialists such as dietitians and personal finance experts, what unites us all is that we’re seasoned communicators. Together, we identify the people your audiences trust most, including media, bloggers, social influencers, stakeholder groups, and key opinion leaders.

Our strong relationships with your most important connections enable us to engage them in a way that truly resonates. Much like a relationship between two partners, these connections take time to initiate, nurture, and grow.

At Felicity, it's Brains not Bricks

To be a good leader is to be a good communicator. And we only communicate with the best, by harnessing our cross-section of specialists’ skills to co-create a narrative about your brand that engages your audiences, from expression to connection.

While it’s true that content is king, the way that it’s amplified is what matters most. Having not only the right message, but expressing it in the right way across the right media is what allows our team to fully bring your brand to life.

At Felicity, it's Brains not Bricks

To manage your communications, conversations, communities and challenges in a progressively cluttered landscape, your brand needs the right combination of sector-specific knowledge and conversation know-how. While it is great to get people talking about your brand, keeping them talking is key.

Benefits of the Content Collective

  • One-stop content shop from ideation, narrative development and trend-spotting to writing and influencer engagement
  • A tailored team embedded in your brand, including subject matter experts, professional writers, creative directors and PR pros who together can appeal specifically to your audience
  • Be prepared with early warning signals of brand/category issues: Learn key insights that impact your bottom line so you can take action
  • Constant storytelling arc to unite all content thematically
  • Insights into your brand to help drive your bottom line
  • Flat-rate billing means no surprises
  • Opportunity to become your own media company by crafting cross-channel content

Is the Content Collective right for my brand?

Here’s what you get as part of the Content Collective:

  • Experienced communications strategists who understand how to craft stories that resonate, change mindsets and incite action
  • A tailored team of strategic storytellers specific to your needs, as opposed to one-size-fits-all content developers
  • An independent agency that can work with members of your in-house team as well as current suppliers and partners
  • The efficiencies and flexibility enabled by our virtual model

Drop us a line to discuss the possibilities for your brand.