Sue Mah | Registered Dietitian

As one of Canada’s leading nutrition writers and trend experts, Sue Mah decodes nutrition science to provide insights to corporate clients, helping them deliver meaningful communication to their end audiences.

With 20+ years of experience, Sue was one of the first media dietitians in Canada and has been featured on CBC, Canada AM, Global TV, CTV News, and Breakfast Television. In addition to food industry clients, Sue consults with government and non-profit organizations such as Health Canada, Dietitians of Canada, Food and Consumer Products of Canada and the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport.

Her work includes the development of educational resources on trans fat, sodium, obesity prevention and other priority nutrition issues. Sue was the content writer for the 2007 Canada’s Food Guide, and recently authored the Sodium Reduction Key Messages with Health Canada.

Sue studied nutritional sciences and holds a graduate degree in health sciences from the University of Toronto.