At Felicity, it's Brains not Bricks

At Felicity, our clients pay for brains, not bricks, buildings and “bored” rooms.

Our business model enables us to deliver tailored teams driven by seasoned communicators with big brand experience. We are able to provide greater value to our clients thanks to our virtual format. We’re not confined to ideas or people that fit within a “bored” room, mainly because we don’t have one in the first place!

When you’re selling hammers, everything looks like a nail. Most agencies “sell” a limited set of skills. At Felicity, our toolbox is full of a variety of exceptional talent including journalists, digital strategists, event organizers, stakeholder relations experts, creative directors, bloggers, media relations pros and other specialists. We create a bespoke tool kit for every client’s needs.

Communications can and should drive business results.
We’d love to use our brains to help you build your business.

Felicity [fi-lis-i-tee]:
The quality or state of being happy and feeling good; especially: great happiness

A pleasing manner or quality, especially in language
< a felicity with words >

The ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration - Amy Laski

It all began in a big, red booth. There I was, a lone Coca-Cola employee at the Dietitians of Canada national conference in 2008. Why was I there? I had been tasked with a monumental challenge: Help Coca-Cola understand what we needed to do to stop the tidal wave of criticism about our products and make it acceptable again to have a can of pop.

Next to me are two registered dietitians whom we contracted to help add some much-needed third party credibility to our little booth. It was in conversation with them that I realized what was missing from traditional PR agencies.

Why does there have to be “us” and “them” when it comes to companies and the audiences they want to reach, be it media, consumers, health professionals or others? What if we could all sit at the table together — side by side — to come up with the best way to communicate?

The genesis of Felicity was to create the communications and content agency clients always wished they had but couldn’t find amidst all the traditional agencies. In fact, I knew it was impossible to find, because as a client, I’d tried unsuccessfully to find an agency that would truly understand my business and deliver outstanding results.

Felicity breaks down traditional agency walls because, well, we don’t have any walls in the first place. As a virtual agency, it’s our goal to be our clients’ best business partners, and to deliver the best service they have ever received, not just from a communications agency, but from ANY partner.

Our clients tell us our business model works — exceedingly well.
Please drop us a line to explore how partnering with Felicity can achieve your goals.

Signed by Amy Laski

Amy Laski
President, Felicity