Paving the way for an Easter icon

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The Challenge:

To encourage sharing the Lindt Gold Bunny as a family tradition, ultimately elevating its status to the “icon of Easter.”

The Solution:

Felicity invited top tier mom and lifestyle bloggers from across Canada to participate in a feel-good family program featuring the Lindt Gold Bunny. In order to solidify the Gold Bunny as a family tradition, tips and suggestions were provided on incorporating the Gold Bunny into Easter celebrations. The team challenged influencers to come up with their own ideas for a fun, family-friendly at-home activity.

Each influencer received a personalized Lindt Gold Bunny Easter basket including varieties of chocolate, background information and activity thought starters. The participating influencers created unique Lindt Gold Bunny content including a blog post, social media posts using the hashtag #LindtGoldBunny, and a Lindt Gold Bunny Easter giveaway leading up to the holiday.

The Results:

Influencers participated enthusiastically in the Lindt Gold Bunny program and the content produced reflects that.  Goal blog impressions were surpassed with a total of 520,000 as well as 1,186,733 social media impressions.