Celebrating Lindt’s The Season

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The Challenge:

To position Lindt The Season magazine & as the destination for all holiday food, décor and entertaining needs, and drive traffic both in-store and online.

The Solution:

Felicity created an integrated, multi-faceted approach to generate awareness through both traditional and influencer channels. In year one, we coordinated a hands-on chocolate making event for media and influencers with a Lindt Maitre, as well as an influencer partnership program which had bloggers creating a recipe or DIY craft from Lindt the Season and sharing it across their channels using the hashtag, #lindttheseason/#lesfeteslindt.  

The success of our program in 2016 paved the way for a bigger and more successful year two, with additional touchpoints.  New seasonal Lindor truffle flavours were seeded with influencers to mark the official start of the holiday season.  The magazine was then brought to life in an exclusive ‘Lindt Your Season’ media and influencer event where attendees created customized recipes and crafts. Select influencers were also engaged to create and share posts across their platforms.

The Results:

Media and influencers participated enthusiastically in the Lindt the Season program in both year 1 and 2, and the earned results and generated content reflect that.  

Sixteen guests attended the ‘Maitre for a Day’ program, resulting in 59 social media posts and over 150 articles and blog posts including a drive to totalling more than 8.4 million impressions. Blogger posts generated through the Homemade  garnered over 400,000 blog impressions and more than 850,000 social media impressions.

In year two, In year two, 27 influencers received Lindor seeded product generating over 415,000 social media impressions.  Seventeen guests attended the event resulting in over 1.9K blog/media impressions.  And, seven blogger posts garnered more than 280,000 blog impressions and over 500,000 social media impressions.