LEVEL5 Strategy Group

Scoring profile for LEVEL5 Strategy Group’s “State of the Hockey Nation” study

The Challenge:

LEVEL5 is a strategy firm with a unique perspective on brand, created to drive business growth for clients. The team at LEVEL5 Strategy Group comprises C-suite executives from some of the world’s largest branded businesses, who use proprietary tools to grow and measure their clients’ branded businesses. The firm wanted to demonstrate its capabilities and position itself as a thought leader by earning feature media coverage in top-tier outlets.

The Solution:

Felicity developed a comprehensive game plan that leveraged timely events, in this case the 2012 NHL lockout, and Canadians’ love of the game to position LEVEL5 as the gatekeeper of hockey culture.The team distilled complex data into impactful materials designed to capture media attention. Based on their strong journalist relationships, Felicity associates conducted an aggressive media outreach campaign to secure high-profile media interview opportunities and feature stories for LEVEL5.

The Results:

From the puck drop to the final buzzer, the “State of the Hockey Nation” campaign was a huge win for LEVEL5 Strategy Group. Nearly 20 million media impressions were generated from the 32 stories that featured all pre-defined key messages. A highlight was a feature article in the Globe and Mail by Hockey Hall of Fame inductee and legendary sports journalist Roy MacGregor. This piece alone generated tremendous buzz and credibility for LEVEL5. Beyond media coverage, the campaign helped LEVEL5 score several new business opportunities. In the words of MacGregor himself, “if I may mix a metaphor, the story is a home run.”